+When should we send out our wedding invitations?

Traditionally, invitations are sent out 3-4 months prior to the wedding and you should request the RSVP’s 4-5 weeks before the wedding. This will give you an opportunity to follow up with anyone who didn’t respond, and get a final head count for your venue and caterers (they typically need numbers 2 weeks before the wedding). This will also leave enough time to organize seating and order any wedding day stationary you may need such as seating charts, programs, table numbers etc.

+There’s a lot of information we want to include, how can we include it all without making our invitations overly cluttered?

A wedding invitation package that includes the invitation and additional pieces like RSVP, direction, accommodation or information cards can provide your guests with all the information they need for your wedding. We provide discounts on our pricing page for those needing wedding invitation packages. In addition, for destination weddings, a passport style invitation can contain all the information needed for your guests to register with the travel agent and provide them information about the destination, excursions, etc.

+What about other wedding stationery, can you design all my items to match my invitation?

Yes! Any invitation design can be used on your additional wedding stationery. This includes menus, programs, seating charts, table cards, or any other requirement you may have. 

+Where does the return address go on my wedding invitations?

It’s important to include your return address on the back flap of the invitation mailer envelope. This is done in case your invitation is lost in the mail or sent to the wrong address and needs to be returned to you. You should also print your return address on the front of the RSVP envelope and include the correct amount of postage needed to ensure the RSVP can be returned to you. 

+Should we create a wedding website and where do we include information about the site on our wedding stationery?

Wedding websites can provide your potential guests with lots of information about your wedding and can act as a supplemental resource to traditional wedding stationery. Your wedding website address is typically included on your save-the-date. If you'd like (or if you don't have save-the-dates), you can include the web address in the invitation package by using an additional information card.

We have also been seeing a trend towards couples using printed RSVP’s to direct guest to their wedding website in order to collect RSVP's instead of the traditional mail back option. This allows you to save on postage and ensure RSVP's are not held up in the mail. 

+Should we include our registry info on our invitations or save-the-dates?

The purpose of your wedding invitation is to let your guests know how important they are to you and how you want them present during your special day. Including registry details on the invitation or save the date is still interpreted by modern culture as though you are asking for gifts. Many wedding website templates allow couples to link their registry on their website as a subtle place for guests to look. You can also inform your wedding party, parents and close friends where you are registered, and let them inform other guests as needed. 

+How do we say politely that children are not invited to the wedding?

Be specific when you address your invitations. Address the invitation to each guest by name. Don’t use general terms on your invitation like “and guest” or “and family” where guests can misinterpret your intentions. In addition, referencing “Number of Adults Attending:” on your RSVP card can also provide a gentle hint. If someone does reply to your RSVP with children’s names included, you should give them a call and explain that your wedding is unable to accommodate children. 

+We have children, and we'd like to include them in our wedding invitations, what is the best way to do this?

Something simple such as "Together with our son/daughter Andy - Rebecca and Thomas invite you to celebrate as they become husband and wife..." can be used. 

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